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Power tools are mainly used in building and construction jobs. In fact, these tools have made it possible to finish the toughest construction site jobs in less time. Dewalt has become a popular name for all those, who are in the construction business. This is one of the brands known for making some of the best power tools. The market for tools is simply expanding with time. With advancement in technology, many new tools are being invented and introduced in the market to ease the construction and building workers. Just check here popularmechanics.com to learn about some of the exciting tools.

One of the simple yet most used tools in the construction site is measuring tape. In modern times, we have magnetic measure tape, which is slightly different from traditional tapes, in terms of functionality. The added benefit of magnetic measure tape is that they can stick onto a ferrous substance, thereby allowing you to measure with great ease. Additionally, these measure tapes are very strong enough that it can be used as a magnetic pickup tool. Due to these advantages, many construction companies always prefer magnetic measure tape. Currently, this type of tape is manufactured by different companies and they do come in different sizes.

If you are planning to buy a magnetic tape measure, then there are many things you need to consider strongly. Tang is one of the essential components of the measuring tape. Tang helps you use the tape easily. Henceforth, you should check the design and build quality of the tang, when you are shopping magnetic measure tape. Some tapes have specially designed tang, which helps to measure various surfaces without any fuss.

Blade brake is one of the cool features found in many modern magnetic measure tapes. This feature helps you stop the blade from retraction. Buying blade with measurement scale printed on both sides will be highly advantageous. Remember that not all tapes come with double side printed scale. You should also check the quality of the blade. One should keep in mind that the measuring tapes will be used in tough conditions and hence they can be easily subjected to damage. Some brands have blades coated with nylon to prevent the damage to measurement markings.

The body of the measuring tape should be strong and shock absorbing enough to withstand impact. Tape with a fragile body can easily get broken due to fall and other impacts. Tape with rubber overmold is preferred by many people as they provide enough grips and also easily absorbs shock. Some tapes have clips for easy mounting or being easily secured on your waist belt.

Though most tapes look same in functionality and design, they can be differing in terms of build quality, features, price, etc. To find the ideal measuring tape, you have to read the product reviews. By reading these reviews, you would be able to compare the different measures and find an ideal one for your construction job. One should never show any recklessness in choosing magnetic measuring tape. Choosing the right model can ease your job and avoid uncertainties.